For Parents

Choosing the right program for your child is a difficult and important decision. At uCamps we strive to make families feel comfortable and excited about their decision. Our #1 priority is the health and safety of each camper and the major goals of our programs are to bring fun, joy, self-confidence, acceptance, love, friendship, and community to all our campers. Participants are given the opportunity to discover their inner strengths, realize new talents, expand their imagination, and develop trust, acceptance, teamwork, and a high level of self-esteem.

Our dedicated staff is hand selected to work with your child. Staff is hired based on strength of character, past experience, ability to connect with and inspire children, a desire to share, and the ability to lead and serve as a positive role model. Our staff also includes instructional specialists. Workshop leaders are not only hired for their experience and ability to teach, but also for their nurturing, fun, and caring natures.


Q: What is your staff to camper ratio?

A: Our camp maintains a minimum 5:1 staff to camper ratio, one of the best ratios in the camping industry.

Q: Are you prepared for accidents and illnesses?

A: YES!! There is a certified nurse who lives on site 24/7. We have a completely stocked nurses station and are prepared for all scenarios. In case of an emergency, there are 2 hospitals within 30 miles of our site, and our sports field is licensed as an emergency medivac helicopter landing pad. We also have several CPR certified lifeguards, counselors and directors on staff each year who monitor the swimming pool and the campers at all times.

Q: How does food service work?

A: The menu is established by the facilities we use each year. Participants are provided with three balanced meals each day. Alternative options are made available for campers maintaining a vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten- free diet. We make all necessary arrangements for campers with specific dietary needs and/or food allergies. Also, there is a camp store open each day which sells food and drinks.

Q: How do you screen your staff members?

A: Staff members are hired only after passing a thorough application, interview, and background check process. Staff also must attend our multi-day staff orientation and training sessions.

Q: Do you collect medical information and insurance forms?

A: YES!!! A month before camp, all pertinent forms, schedules, and packing lists are posted on our website for families to access and print out. This includes liability release, medical history, and dietary needs information forms. Each student has his or her own file and all pertinent information is given to the appropriate staff members.

Q: How does housing work?

A: Campers are grouped by age and gender. At our facility, girls and boys cabins are located in separate areas of camp. Each night, there is a female and male staff housing monitor who walks the grounds to make sure both campers and staff are safe.

Q: Can we contact our child during camp?

A: YES, we strongly encourage communication via letters, care packages, etc. Campers love to hear their name called during our “mail call” each day. uCamps does have a “No Calls” Policy. This policy has been incredibly effective in the success of our camper’s experience, especially the ones who may experience the normal feeling of homesickness. In terms of reaching uCamps staff, we have internet service in our Director’s cabin and a staff member checks email each day. Finally, if there were to be an emergency in which case you needed to get a hold of your child, you may also contact the camp office directly during business hours, or leave a message in the evenings, and they will deliver messages to us during mealtime on a daily basis.

Daily Schedule

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Scholarship Fund

uCamps DOES offer scholarships to families in need. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for ALL families to attend our programs. If the cost of camp is preventing your attendance, please contact us and/or submit a scholarship application. We will do everything in our power to get you to camp, whether that means offering your family a partial scholarship, setting you up with a payment plan or all of the above. Contact us for a scholarship application.

Transportation, Airport shuttle, Buses

uCamps offers several transportation options for our families. Please review the details the programs you are attending to see whether we provide a oneway or a round trip bus ride. For campers traveling from out of town, out of the state or out of the country, uCamps provides a convenient shuttle service to and from the airport.

Refund policy

Plans change and we understand that. Please review our Refund Policy to better understand your options in case you need to cancel your registration.

Cancellation Policy

uCamps Cancellation Policy