For Educators

Since 2004, uCamps’ teachers have been volunteering in classrooms all over California, offering FREE in-class workshops and all-school assemblies. Our workshops are universal in their approach and promote leadership, imagination, teamwork, creativity, self-expression and confidence through a common core experience. Contact uCamps today to schedule a full day of free in-class workshops.

In 2013, uCamps’ Founder Doug “Bald E” Cembellin directed the 20-minute documentary “Cyberbullied” as a graduate thesis film at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. The film was made for the purpose of showing in classrooms all over the country. Email today to schedule a visit by the film’s director and a screening for your students.

In Fall 2014, uCamps launched its ‘Creating Campus Culture’ weekend retreat program. This 3-Day program allows students to be in the outdoors, breathe fresh air, take master classes, develop creativity, deepen their relationships at school, grow as leaders, and expand cultural, social and environmental awareness. This program allows students to unplug from technology for a weekend of good ‘ole fashioned face-to-face peer interactions while gaining tools to achieve healthy online citizenship.

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