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During the school year uCamps organizes weekend retreats for middle and high school groups. Campus Culture (CC) retreats promote community unity, healthy online and on-campus citizenship, strong friendships, environmental responsibility, and a culture of acceptance and support at school.

Image for contentWe customize every program to meet the needs/goals of the school/class/group. CC retreats allow students to unplug, try something new, be a part of a team, expand their horizons, grow in confidence, have a ton of fun and come home with a greater sense of belonging.

Participants enjoy fresh air, starry nights, lush forests, running streams, campfire, teambuilding, games and cabin living with friends. Everyone attends a series of educational master classes chosen in advance by the educator(s) or group leader(s).

uCamps currently offers Campus Culture retreats for public as well as private and home schools. We specialize in middle and high school retreats for the following subjects:
Drama, Choir, Band, Speech and Debate, Language Arts, Leadership, PE, Yearbook, Video Production, Environmental Science, Cyber-Citizenship, Health and History.

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Educators: Contact Us with any questions, to get more information, to schedule a free in-class workshop, or to inquire about a retreat.

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